Tangible Breakthrough




Martin offers transforming high-quality events, from powerful and innovative beginner courses, workshops, business seminars to exclusive masterminds.




Martin’s clients achieve amazing breakthroughs, which results in greater success.

They finally unblock what was holding them back, leading them to results they did not even envision.

online training


What can online training do for you?

It will help you raise your game, unravel any challenge, master new skills and
find your core purpose.

With Martin’s training, you will learn the skills and tools that you need to get yourself to the next level. You will overcome any challenge you are facing in your life, those which are limiting you to be who you want to be. And live the life you and your family deserve.

Are you someone that wants more from life?

If you want to manifest your potential, break your ceiling glass, and achieve impactful breakthroughs anywhere at any time…. then this is for you.

Martin is a sought-after professional, full of humor, has an impressively wide range of knowledge and a huge heart. To work with his training online and offline completely changed my life.

Sibylle Bechtel

CEO and Founder , I see you

Martin always goes straight to the point. Can get challenging, but it makes the pace of the transformation extraordinarily fast. Could seem like it won’t work for everybody, but I can confirm that I witnessed pretty awesome breakthroughs — the best experience I have ever had so far.
I am looking forward to more to come.

Hugo Falcao

Project Manager, IT Projects

Live events


Martin and his team, all work together to achieve only one thing: your success.

Get faster results by learning together. You get the exclusive opportunity to receive an ultimate program.

Those are exclusive training where he teaches the secrets on how to lead the life you have always wanted.

After each Live Event, you’ll return to your life empowered, full of fresh insights, and stay on track to your full potential with the specific steps learned.

You will also be able to network and learn from others.



Sometimes in life, it is essential to give yourself all the exclusivity and extraordinary care to breakthrough your limitations.

Powerful Mentorships programs with experienced leaders are full of impact, but they don’t suit in every moment of life.
In 1:1 session, your transformation environment is set in an atmosphere where you can learn and discover at your own pace. You have your mentor’s laser clear focus entirely on you. Your results will be revolutionary.

I am totally impressed. No matter which topics I want to approach with Martin, he offers perfect solutions and leads me fast and safe to the desired result. For me it is like magic.

Susan G

Director, JJ Management

 ditch your limiting believes 

why others make it and you don’t

I challenge you to be the best version of yourself,
overcome any obstacle and succeed.

– Martin Altherr