Is the statement “You just need to work on your mindset and your life changes forever” a lie? 

Imprint or bonding as classical terms in psychology for “rapid learning that occurs during a brief receptive period” and patterning as the term that stands for “forming of fixed ways of behaving or of doing things by constantly repeating something or copying other people” are two terms I use slightly different when I discuss mindset.  

People get misled when they get told that they only must change their mindset in order to change their life profoundly, and by doing so, this change will last forever. 

As we’ve discussed above, the patterning time from conception until about three years old, comprises already a massive integration of the repertoire copied from the influencing environment and pasted to our skills to survive in our brain. These skills we copy paste without questioning if it helps us or not. We just observe and integrate it. All other possible abilities and options we maybe had around us somehow, but we were not focused on it fall victim to the pruning process. 

This is one aspect I call imprint. The other aspect is the material that comes over the epigenome and through the experience in mother’s womb. This is a further aspect of imprint and the last aspect of imprints are our subconscious decisions to balance injustices in our family systems without even conscious knowing what our role is in the family system that exists since generations.  

When do imprints emerge? 

Phase 1:
From conception on through the time in mother’s womb 

Phase 2
From birth until three to four years old 

Phase 3
From four years old until six seven years old 

Phase 4
From seven years old until adolescence 


The fourth phase usually strengthens the wiring that is used the most and the rest finally falls victim to the pruning. The perception of reality gets reconfirmed by constantly making the similar experiences and eliminating in the pruning process the other options. The brain highways of those patterns beliefs and behaviors are more used than anything else, powered by all collected and received imprints. Humans experience that the reality they create upon this highway is the only true reality, ignoring everything that differs from it  

This is a good thing if you are equipped with imprints that make you happy and help you to live a life according to your wishes. If you are not equipped with so many helpful imprints, then you have to work on it to make your life wonderful. 

Your Imprint creates the reality that you believe, and you need to reconfirm this reality again and again in order to experience consistency. This fluent consistency let you understand that you are right, and you can say through this: “I’m right and I am.” 

When do Beliefs emerge?
The essential beliefs you build from birth until the end of adolescence. Of course, beliefs can differ and change throughout your entire life and if you come to a situation that is more existential, your imprint overtakes like an autopilot and remotes the situation in order to let you experience that what you believe about your reality is true.  


Behavior patterns
Through all available impressions of behavior, you filter from your influencing environment what you need to believe and you build as consequence of it your behavior patterns. Because you do not request what you observe you immediately start to apply the patterns and the neuronal highway starts to experience traffic. 


When do behavior patterns emerge?
From that moment on you are able to hear, you start to collect patterns that possibly support you to succeed in life or possibly hold you back to achieve what you really want. This begins very early in mother’s womb and continues through your complete lifepath. 


Your mindset consists of all beliefs and behavior patterns and systemic entanglements, you’ve received and experienced in life. Your mindset’s highest control unit are the imprints. 

If you have worked on your mindset and in certain moments you still had no choice in your actions, and you did again the same thing you tried to eliminate by working on your mindset then there is an imprint behind it that makes you choice less. The same imprints that make you choice less in such moments, are the imprints that hinder you to live the life you want. 


When does your mindset emerge? 

Phase 1
In the very moment of your conception you receive through the epigenetic code your Father’s and your Mother’s life imprints. 

Phase 2
In your mother’s womb, you become part of the world experience of your mother and with it you receive the next level of your imprints. 

Phase 3
From the moment of your birth on until three to four years old you create your systemic position and connect to your family systemic entanglements. You imprint all patterns which you copy paste from your influencing and impacting environment. 

Phase 4
The most redundant imprints, beliefs and patterns get strengthened and become the reality you perceive every day. The rest of your opportunities you lose step by step through pruning until you’ve passed the adolescence. 

Phase 5
Throughout your whole life your mindset can move a bit in the one or other direction, but the imprints take care that you stay in their track. This is the phase of your life after the adolescence. You try to find out how you get your life managed and how you can escape the trap that holds you back of becoming unstoppable.  


The Solution is the TRANSFORMATION CODE 

The good news is that by recoding the imprints all your beliefs shift into a neutral place of choice and you can decide which patterns you like to create to reach where you want to be in life. Through this you begin to experience a shift in your reality. People react differently, opportunities you never saw are suddenly visible, you get offers that fit to your plans. Life starts to flow and the feeling that your environment works against you disappears because it begins to work for you. Repetition of the new created reality is in the very first moment key until your mindset falls in place. From that moment on your mindset has fallen into place, you own this new way to live your life and with the time you even cannot imagine anymore that you have lived differently before.